Collaboration is a powerful word and an even more powerful concept.

One learner working in isolation can learn at high levels; however, adding collaborative partners to the learning environment greatly enhances the likelihood of learning at more meaningful levels.vic wilson

This concept has proven to work within learning communities in our schools for many years. Thankfully, we are now starting to see the power of collaboration spread to business entities in our area.

This type of collaboration takes the form of Partnerships. Hartselle City Schools loves the idea of partnering with businesses in Hartselle and all of Morgan County. We believe these partnerships create a win-win situation for all parties involved, and we believe we have just begun to explore the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to these collaborative partnerships.

When schools partner with business, it helps all involved. Students are able to engage in opportunities that might later become a career, and business are able to be a part of the learning environment for the student.

Also, businesses are able to take an active role in raising the bar when it comes to creating a career-ready workforce. To that end, we have added a number of courses that provide opportunities for our students to learn skills they will be able to use in workforce in our city, county, and state.

If we have students who want to weld, then we will do everything we can to provide learning opportunities in the school and in a work setting. This can only be done through strong and effective partnerships with local businesses.

By working together, we can make Hartselle, Morgan County, and Alabama a leader in the area of collaborative partnerships.

Dr. Vic Wilson is the superintendent of Hartselle City Schools, a system of more than 3,200 students in six schools. He has held the position since 2013, when he came to Hartselle after serving as principal of Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham. In January, Hartselle City Schools was named #4 of the Best K-12 Schools in the 2015 NICHE rankings, which indicates that the district has diverse, high-achieving students that are enrolled in advanced classes, perform well on standardized tests, and are well prepared for college and careers.