As I complete my one-year tenure as board chair, I tried to decide what was the most memorable part of this exciting ride. While proud of all the programs and initiatives started and expanded this year, the thing that stands out for me was meeting so many great people from our community. These folks, while wonderful in their own rights, were part of a bigger picture – a picture of a community coming together to make this a better place.

I met these people in a variety of ways. They were young leaders in our student Edge and Equip programs. They were industry, business, and non-profit leaders in our adult Excellence and Experience programs. They were city, county and state leaders serving in their official capacities. They were staff at organizations striving daily to enhance Decatur and Morgan County – from the Convention and Visitors Bureau to the Morgan County Economic Development Association, from the Entrepreneurial Center to the Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority. My role at the Chamber allowed the opportunity to work beside them every month. For that, I am truly thankful!

What set these folks apart though was what I did not find as I met them and watched them work. I found no silos, no grandstanding, and no turf battles. It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. These people embodied our strategic plan, One Vision, One Voice, One Morgan County. This is a rare state of affairs in our world today and should be diligently cultivated.

As I enter the most enviable position on the Chamber board, that of immediate past chair, I look forward to continuing this legacy of teamwork with others dedicated to making Decatur and Morgan County a great place to work and live!

Scott Mayo is the headmaster of Decatur Heritage Christian Academy and currently serves as Past Chair of the Chamber's Board of Directors.