It’s hard to believe that this my tenth year to participate in the Chamber’s Total Resource Campaign (TRC) for Decatur and Morgan County. When my employer first talked to me about volunteering with TRC, I was skeptical that I had anything to offer. He encouraged me to attend the training session before I made a decision. I was met with some of the most friendly and energetic co-volunteers who were eager to help a beginner learn the process. The staff at the Chamber was also a tremendous support group, reassuring me that I was in the right place!

So, what exactly is this “TRC” you keep hearing about? Well, TRC is a nine-week campaign that happens each year between mid-January and mid-March where the Chamber’s TRC volunteers reach out to members to discuss sponsorship opportunities at Chamber events throughout the year. This is the fourteenth year TRC has been implemented at the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber.
donna (2).JPGWhy only during this 9-week window? There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the Chamber’s fiscal year starts on April 1. The timing of the TRC program allows the Chamber to have an idea of sponsorship revenue for the events in their upcoming year’s budget. Second, by allowing the TRC volunteers to call on their members during this specific time, it eliminates the need for Chamber staff to be reaching out every month the members to discuss potential sponsorship on that month’s events.

What type of sponsorships are offered to the Chamber’s members? The options of sponsorships are as diverse as the membership list. There is something for everyone. The Chamber hosts events for business development such as the Women in Business Celebration; public policy programs including the State of the City, County, State and Healthcare along with trips to Montgomery and Washington D.C.; leadership programs like Edge Student Leadership, Excellence in Leadership, and the YP Leadership Luncheons; workforce and education such as SWeETy Camp and Endless Opportunities; networking opportunities like Membership Appreciation, Business After Hours/Coffee and Cards, golf tournaments, the Clay Shoot Classic; and general events and other offerings like the Annual Meeting, Chamber publications, electronic media and many more. In all, there are more than 1,000 sponsorships available.

Networking opportunities? The price points of sponsorships vary as well, allowing small businesses, individuals, and large companies the opportunity to network with other members and create new business contacts.

I’m proud to have the opportunity to discuss the Chamber’s events with its members. I know our efforts have a positive impact on our community, and I’m glad to be a small part of it. I hope you as a member will consider getting involved. 

Donna Puckett is the civil designer supervisor for Pugh Wright McAnally of Decatur and a long-time Chamber volunteer. For more information about TRC sponsorships and what’s available, please click here. To connect with a volunteer to learn how to secure your own place in the Chamber’s programming, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..